24 Recipes for a Casual Easter Potluck

You’ll know just what to make with these 24 recipes for an Easter potluck or casual Easter lunch, whether you’re hosting or attending! 

You'll know just what to make with these 24 recipes for an Easter potluck or casual Easter lunch, whether you're hosting or attending! Easter menu | Spring potluck menu

Well, it’s that time of year again!

The weather is gorgeous, the birds are singing, the vegetable garden has been planted… and it’s time to plan my menu for our annual Easter party, which I have held on Easter Sunday almost every year since my freshman year of college.

You see, my family makes Italian Easter pie every year. It’s a tradition dating back generations to my mom’s family in “the old country,” aka Italy.

After 40 days of abstaining from meats and cheeses and eggs and butter during Lent, Easter was finally the time to indulge in ALL of that again. Our Easter pie, therefore, is essentially like a giant calzone (or “pizza rustica”) stuffed with ricotta cheese, pepperoni, salami, hard boiled eggs, and mozzarella.

Italian Easter Pie | 24 Recipes for a Casual Easter Potluck

And the recipe makes quite a bit. Three pies, in fact. Far too much for me to eat by myself in college.

I couldn’t NOT make Easter pie (and I didn’t think of halving or quartering the recipe) so I had to throw an Easter potluck party so all my friends could help me eat the pie.

And the rest is history.

As a host, I always try to make sure there’s plenty of food in case everyone somehow forgets it’s a potluck, so I try to flesh out the Easter pie centerpiece with a good variety of other dishes. If I can prepare or make them a day ahead, even better!

I try to figure out what people are bringing, or more importantly, what they’re NOT bringing, and fill in the gaps so there is at least one or two items in each category.

If you are throwing your own Easter potluck, if you get invited to one, or if you just want to have a casual Easter lunch for your family, here are some ideas for what to serve! I personally would not complain if all these items showed up at my house for Easter.

Warning: There are a LOT of lemon dishes in this list! But what better to ring in springtime than something light and citrusy?

Main Dishes for an Easter Potluck

Side Dishes for an Easter Potluck

Salads for an Easter Potluck

Pasta Salads for an Easter Potluck

Savory Finger Foods

Sweet Finger Foods

Desserts for an Easter Potluck

Drinks for an Easter Potluck

So if you’re wondering what to bring to an Easter potluck or what to make for your family’s casual Easter lunch, give some of these recipes a shot!

Or, check out this post to try some traditional Easter recipes from around the world!

Happy Easter, y’all!

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