Wondering if you can use my photo or recipe on your website, blog, or social media?

Feel free to:

  • Share one of my recipe photos, along with crediting the photo back to me and including a link to the recipe post.
  • Share a link to one of my recipes with your own commentary.
  • Let me know if you’ve shared one of my recipes, so I can say hey and possibly share your link! Thanks for sharing!

Please do not:

  • Post the text of any of my recipes or posts without prior consent. This will negatively affect how Pinch Me, I’m Eating! gets displayed in search results, and is a copyright infringement. If you have a specific inquiry about a recipe, feel free to email me and ask!
  • Put your own watermark on one of my photos. This is a copyright infringement since you are taking credit for one of my images. Instead, feel free to share the unaltered photo along with a credit to my site and a link back to the recipe post. Thank you! 


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