Gifts for Tea Lovers: 21 Unique and Useful Ideas

If you’re shopping for a Christmas or birthday gift for the tea drinker in your life, look no further than this collection of unique and useful tea-related gifts for tea lovers!

Best gifts for tea lovers

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If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life, look no further! First, determine what kind of tea lover they are, as this will affect the gifts they might enjoy.

In this gift guide below, you’ll find gifts for any tea lover, along with gift ideas for the Aspirational Tea Lover, the Traveling Tea Lover, the Working Tea Lover, the Afternoon Tea Lover, and the Ceremonial Tea Lover.

Gifts for any tea lover

If you don’t know what kind of tea lover you’re buying for, these items should be universally appreciated by anyone who loves the beverage!

What to buy them:

Gifts for the Aspirational Tea Lover

The Aspirational Tea Lover drinks tea daily and makes decent tea, but would like to improve the quality of their cuppa. They are interested in learning more about tea, and may still use bagged tea for daily use, but use loose tea when they want a really good cup. 

What to buy them:

Gifts for the Traveling Tea Lover

These gifts are great for the jetsetting tea lover who loves to travel and experience international flavors!

What to buy them:

Gifts for the Working Tea Lover

Working in an office daily comes with its own tea-drinking challenges, like trying to get out the door in the morning for work and keeping your tea warm throughout the day. These gifts will help make their tea easier and more enjoyable!

What to buy them:

Gifts for the Afternoon Tea Lover

The Afternoon Tea Lover enjoys a cup of tea, but loves the food and culture surrounding the tea even more. Wants all the tiny sandwiches and scones.

What to buy them:

Gifts for the Ceremonial Tea Lover

This person is interested in tea ceremonies and may drink mostly green tea or matcha. This is in contrast to the Afternoon Tea Lover, who is interested more in the British/Western tea culture. Someone may be both an Afternoon Tea Lover and a Ceremonial Tea Lover, but if you get an Afternoon Tea Lover-only a matcha whisk don’t be surprised if it ends up in the back of a drawer.

What to buy them:


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