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Shop my cookware

Le Crueset Dutch Oven

A high quality enameled Dutch oven is a workhorse in the kitchen for making everything from cabbage roll soup to no-knead bread. While you certainly don’t need a Le Crueset, they do have a lifetime guarantee!

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet with Lid

Cast iron is a staple in the kitchen and a great choice for stove-to-oven recipes like weeknight paella and cast iron skillet cornbread. The lid is especially helpful for making Charleston red rice!

Caraway Sauté Pan

I love a deep-walled sauté pan but had a problem with the cheap ones always warping. I’ve had this beautiful Caraway one for a year and it’s as flat as the day I got it! It works with any stovetop and is also oven safe. Just don’t use metal utensils on it to avoid scratching the coating.

Small tools I love

These small tools are things I use multiple times weekly or can’t easily be replicated by another tool.
Note: Lemon juicer and garlic press are not the exact ones I have.

Oven thermometer
Lemon juicer
Garlic press
Milk frother
Microplane zester

Shop my grill

Having a sturdy, reliable grill can mean the difference between never grilling to grilling multiple times a week. We grill everything from blackened salmon and grouper sandwiches to grilled vegetable pasta and even grilled pizza.

My dad recommended the Weber specifically because you can get replacement parts for just about everything, meaning you never really have to get a brand new grill unless you want to upgrade.

I love having the side burner as an option, especially since we live in a hurricane-prone area and it would be good for cooking during a power outage.