Restaurant-inspired recipes from a Charleston kitchen

At Pinch Me, I’m Eating, you’ll find simple, from-scratch recipes inspired by local restaurants in the South Carolina Lowcountry and beyond. With these recipes you can feel like you’re dining out in your own home — using the tools you own in the time you have!

If you love Southern classics and comfort foods, seasonal and local ingredients, globally-influenced cuisine, and feeling just a little fancy when you eat in your own home, you’ll feel right at home here!

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Winter favorites

Winter flavors and cozy recipes perfect for embracing the chilly weather!

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Browse our themed recipe collections based on the type of restaurant you’d find them in!

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5 Secrets for Restaurant-style Eating at Home!

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Hi, I’m Caroline!

Have a seat wherever you’d like. I’ll be your blogger today!

I’m a self-taught home cook with an affinity for the gourmet, and I believe that food is one of life’s greatest little pleasures. It’s an opportunity for indulgence, a source of comfort, and a way to connect with the people in my life. 

My recipes are inspired by memorable dishes I’ve had at restaurants (I love going out to eat!), places I’ve lived and visited, and the traditional cuisine of Charleston, South Carolina, my hometown.

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Southern Style Recipes

From pulled pork BBQ and fried okra to Sunday brunch recipes like shrimp and grits, get your favorite recipes from Charleston, the South Carolina Lowcountry, and the South.

Easy meals

Simple dinner recipes that take less than 30 minutes of hands-on time with minimal dishes to wash!