Have you seen your herbs at happy hour? Give your rosemary, basil, and thyme a break from the savory & see their sweet side with these alcoholic and nonalcoholic herb-infused drinks! Also see drinks and cocktails featuring mint, sage, cilantro, and even curry leaves!

27 Herb-Infused Drinks to Prove Herbs Have a Sweet Side — Give your rosemary, basil and thyme a break from the savory in these sweet herb-infused non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages! Also see drinks and cocktails featuring mint, sage, cilantro, and curry leaves! | www.pinchmeimeating.com

Let’s say you have a friend from work. You like being on projects with them, they’re reliable, you know their output is always high-quality, and you can go to them for a wide variety of needs. Maybe you’ve been their coworker for years and you feel like you know them pretty well. 

And then you see them at happy hour for the first time.

They’re relaxed, dressed casually, maybe telling some inappropriate jokes. They’re laughing more and seem vibrant, and you see your office buddy is more than just the hard-working business professional you’ve seen before now.

27 Herb-Infused Drinks to Prove Herbs Have a Sweet SideThey have a whole other dimension to their personality, and you like it.

You still value and enjoy working with them, but now that you’ve seen their casual side you want to hang out with them more in this new environment.

That, in a nutshell, is what herbs are like. And if you’ve never seen your herbs at happy hour, it’s about time you joined them there.

Adding sugar to your favorite typically-savory herbs opens up a whole new flavor profile for them. It’s easy to make an herb-infused simple syrup by simmering some sugar and water with a few sprigs of fresh herbs, and you can let your imagination run wild with all the different fruit, soda, and cocktail combinations you can add it to!

For example, I used a rosemary simple syrup to create a grapefruit rosemary lemonade, but you can also muddle your herbs or just add the leaves to your drinks whole to infuse them with the refreshing or slightly savory flavor of your herbs.

From lemonades and agua frescas to gin cocktails and wine spritzers, the possibilities are endless, and you’re set whether you’re looking for something non-alcoholic or a more adult beverage.

I’ve put together a collection for you of both non-alcoholic and alcoholic herb-infused drinks to give you some ideas to get started in your new relationship with sweetened herbs.

Let’s take a look at your favorite reliable herbs and where you might find them hanging out after hours. 


Typical uses

Lemon-rosemary roasted chicken, rack of lamb, potatoes, and root vegetables.

Sweetened up (non-alcoholic)

At happy hour (alcoholic)


Typical uses

Fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, pestos, and pastas like this sun-dried tomato pasta salad.

Sweetened up (non-alcoholic)

At happy hour (alcoholic)


Typical uses

Pairs well with chicken, lemon, browned butter, root vegetables, and mushrooms. 

Sweetened up (non-alcoholic)

At happy hour (alcoholic)


Typical uses

This one’s a little different because its most common uses are the sweet ones!

Savory uses are common in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Southeast Asian cuisine. Mint is also quite refreshing in hearty salads.

Sweetened up (non-alcoholic)

At happy hour (alcoholic)

Less commonly sweetened herbs

Just for fun, here are just a few more drinks that use herbs less commonly seen in sweet drinks.

What are you waiting for?

Now that you’ve got a few ideas and recipes, go make yourself some herb-infused drinks and taste the sweet side of your favorite herbs. 

Drink up!

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